Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina denticulata sinensis)

Red Cherry Shrimp make a both beautiful and functional addition to an Avo aquarium. Their brilliant red colouring adds an ornamental quality, while helping to remove algae and organic debris  from the tank, making the Red Cherry Shrimp an invaluable tankmate.

The Red Cherry Shrimp are a popular tank member as they have a large appetite for all kinds of freshwater algae. They will do well in any freshwater aquarium with good filtration and water quality and will thrive in planted aquariums, such as Avo where food and shelter are abundant.

Once established in Avo, Red Cherry Shrimp will become mostly red in color with some white patches. New arrivals have varying degrees of “redness” and are often clear until they have properly acclimated and adjusted to their new environment.

If there is a male and female in your aquarium Red Cherry Shrimp will most likely breed. The female will carry a clutch of yellowish eggs under her tail until they hatch in about 30 days. The newly born shrimp will look like miniature adult shrimp and will eat the same thing as the adults.

Red Cherry Shrimp are suitable for tanks with smaller fish, but are unsuitable companions for a Siamese fighting fish as some may treat the Red Cherry Shrimp as a snack!

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