Endlers Guppies (Poecilia wingei)

The Endler’s Guppy are closely related to the guppy, and they can look very similar to the wild guppy, with males being small (about 2cm) and sporting bright patches of colour on the body, whilst females are larger (4cm) and plain.

The colour patterns of males vary depending on the breeding although patches of bright orange, black, blue-green, and yellow-green are common.

Endler’s are easy to care for and hardy, prefering warmer water (20-28C). Endler’s have a life-span of around two years. Harder water is preferred by the Ender’s, and because of their small size they are best kept with small tank mates. Endlers are colourful and interesting fish, ideal for a community aquarium with other small fishes.

Good tank mates

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