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First Self-Cleaning Fish Tank Launches

A young British designer has just launched the only fish tank that never needs cleaning, water changing or a new filter. All you will ever need to do is top up the water and feed the fish.
Suzy Shelley’s 15-litre fish tank Avo is packed full of innovative technology, enabling fish, plants and bacteria work together to create a balanced micro-ecosystem. What really sets Avo apart from other fish tanks is the self-cleaning filter that never needs replacing.  Avo’s continuously moving bed recycles older bacteria into plant food, creating space for new bacteria to grow. Harmful ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are naturally removed from the water, meaning the water never needs changing.
Avo also features automated LED lighting specifically optimised for plant photosynthesis and growth, which promotes clear and healthy water. Avo’s unique lighting has the added aesthetic benefit of producing soft red light in the morning, fading to daylight white, to cool blue in the evening.
Suzy’s own experience of tropical fish keeping was the inspiration for Avo which she has painstakingly researched and developed for almost four years. An award-winning product designer, Suzy has created a fish tank whose pioneering features combine with good looks to stand out from most other products.
Suzy has just launched a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to manufacture Avo. Supporters can pledge £1 to contribute to the campaign, or for £150, receive their own Avo fish tank and starter kit for £100 off the RRP. With over 50% of the funding pledged in less than 24 hours, Avo is certain to be the first in a series of new products within Suzy’s premium pet accessory brand, Noux.

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