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Avo is available for pre-order through crowdfunding website Kickstarter until Sunday 30th November 2014 9:00pm GMT. Any orders placed through Kickstarter will be manufactured and shipped to your door in July 2015.

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What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter, is a crowdfunding platform in which inventors post projects like Avo in order for the public (aka “backers”) to give money to the project in exchange for rewards. the rewards for Avo range from £1 which gets you a shout out and a thank you on our website, to £200 which will get you a fully working Avo fish tank with everything but the fish, water and plants.
Kickstarter is a great way for inventors to raise money  in order to see their idea to fruition. The money is used to actually finalise and manufacture the product, the benefit is that backers get the opportunity to support and pre-order creative products made by innovative people and companies.